15, 20 & 25ft Titan Aluminum Telescoping Flagpole Kit
with Gold Ball and Canadian Flag - Made in USA

15' Titan Telescoping Flagpole- $489 plus shipping

20' Titan Telescoping Flagpole - $569 plus shipping

25' Titan Telescoping Flagpole - $659 plus shipping

Excellent Design

Our Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are expertly and intuitively designed to accommodate your flag needs, and to make flying your flag as easy as possible.

Titan Pole Technical Information

Titan supplies the most user-friendly telescoping flagpole in the marketplace today. Made in the U.S.A., the pole tube sections are extruded from T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, all of which are anodized to create a lifelong maintenance free finish. No need to worry about rust or painting this product.

A unique inter-locking sleeve is used to raise and lower the pole sections, providing the ultimate ease of use. All of the external parts are made of high-grade Lexan Polycarbonate, which is chemically treated to prevent UV deterioration. Lexan is commonly used in aircraft windshields and automobile head lights because of it's extremely high strength and durability.

The 20' and 25' flagpole comes with an amazing 3" base diameter which is 30% stronger than other telescoping flagpoles. The 15' flagpole comes with a 2 1/2" base diameter. It is built to withstand winds of 95mph/150kmh. It also has 7 times the bearing surface which will reduce wobble in-between the sections.

Installation Instructions


Flagpole Specs:

All Poles Includes 3’x5' high quality Canadian Nylon flag. Poles come with 12 gauge wall thickness. Has 4 sections (3 joints). Wind rating of 95 mph (150 kmh).


Titan Flagpole Kit

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Made in USA.

Every kit includes:

  • Titan Telescoping Flagpole
  • Premium Nylon Canadian flag
  • Hardware to fly 2 flags
  • 3" gold ball topper
  • Ground sleeve (ABS plastic)
  • Security clamp
  • Easy to follow installation instructions.

    Maintenance free, high strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes.

    Patented interlocking sleeve mechanism makes it easy to extend and retract the pole, and provide extreme joint stability.

    Swivel ring clips allow flags to fly freely 360 degrees around the pole, reducing flag wrapping or tangling.

    Pole comes pre-assembled and ready to extend.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Save Shipping by picking up in West Lincoln, Ontario

    Free delivery anywhere in the Niagara Region

Rest assured that if you purchase a Titan product,
you're buying the best telescoping flagpole in Canada!

Swivel rings rotate 360 degrees so flags fly freely.
No disassembly of flagpole to replace.

Double swivel ring harness can be used to fly two flags, or fly flag at half mast.

Our patented interlocking sleeves allow you to easily raise your flagpole.

No more push buttons with our
Interlocking Sleeve Mechanism


Security Clamp

Included with pole purchase
Solar Light

Flash Collar

Gold Ball Top
Included with pole purchase
Ground Sleeve
Included with pole purchase
Dock Mount
Side Dock Mount


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